Coobill – Cootel



CooBill Let you deposit checks, view account activity, Top-up, send & receive money, Query Balance, Online pay bills… in minutes.

CooBill Accounts


Basic account:To withdraw the cash, Self-Sale top up to end user and online shopping
Top up account:Amount of money that you top up for calling, SMS, data usage and transfer to other top up account
Bonus account:For download or play Game, Video

How to Top Up

  • Enter CooBill Menu –> Top up –> Self Top up (Basic Acct.) –> Enter amount ($) and password –> OK
  • You will receive a message.

How to Check Balances

  • Enter CooBill Menu –> Balances
  • It shows “Query balance”, press one more time.
  • You will receive a message.

How to Transfer

  • Enter CooBill Menu –> Transfer –> Enter Tel No., User Name, Amount, Password –> OK
  • You will receive a message.

How to Demand

  • Enter CooBill Menu –> Demand –> Enter Tel No. or User Name –> Enter Amount –> OK
  • You will receive a message.

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