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Speed: 6MbpsSpeed: 8MbpsSpeed:12MbpsSpeed:15Mbps
Installation: 10$Installation: 10$
Media Converter:   on Loan, free of chargeMedia Converter:  on Loan, free of charge
Pay 6 month, No InstallationPay 6 month, No Installation
Pay 12 month, No Installation, No DepositPay 12 month, No Installation, No Deposit
Call 0383300800 for more details,VAT excluded


Home-Bronze-Plus 4 MbpsFree 1(one) TV-BOX + TV Service4 Mbps$17/month
Home-Sliver-Plus 6 Mbps6 Mbps$19/month
Home-Sliver-Plus 8 Mbps8 Mbps$25/month
Home-Gold-Plus 12 Mbps12 Mbps$38/month
Home-Gold-Plus 15 Mbps15 Mbps$45/month
Applicable for only

Sliver-Plus 8 Mbps

Gold Plus 12 Mbps & 15 Mbps

Additional loan

1 (one) TV-BOX

(deposit $10 for each extra)

N/A$6/month (Free IPTV service)
Call 0383300800 for more details,VAT Included 10%